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Special Education Department


Why choose Mulholland’s SpEd Program?

Mulholland’s Special Education program is designed to support our students with special needs in and out of the academic classroom. Actions we take to reach these goals include:

  • Student guided and student centered learning

  • Visual and technology based projects and learning

  • Creative and exciting approaches to academic concepts


Our Teachers
The single most important factor in the success of a child at school is the quality of their teachers. We are proud of our experienced, highly qualified SpEd staff.


If you’d like to contact your student’s teacher, please click their name below:

Mr. Ayala

Mr. Chan
Ms. Fletcher
Mr. Franklin
Ms. Garcia

Ms. Kagan
Ms. Konick
Mr. Macdonald
Mr. Maxwell
Mr. McCourt
Ms. Valbuena
Mrs. Whitman
Ms. Zaghi


If you'd like more online help for you or your student, these are all current sites with up-to-date teaching methods. Check them out to get a better appreciation of what special education teachers  do, and maybe pick up some ideas that you can use too.









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