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Cadet Community Service

MJPA Cadets need to have a minimum of 50 hours by the end of their 8th Grade year to ensure Community Service eligibility of "Certificate of Completion" to the Police Academy Magnet Schools. Please see The Community Service Log for details.


Coach Sampson is the faculty sponsor for Community Service.  Please contact him with any questions.

Parent Volunteering 

A reminder that all MJPA Parents are responsible to participate in our Volunteer Program, 6 hours per year. Please see the Parent Volunteer Log for details.


There are plenty of opportunities for Police Academy parents to volunteer. 

Below are listed the descriptions & dates where we need your help.


Thank you for your participation in our Volunteer Program.

MJPA Office

  • Recycling:  Parent Needed to take recycling to Recycling Center. 

    • Contact Magnet Office @ 818-609-2587 to schedule


PAPA Boosters

  • Campus Beautification;  Any parents interested in acquiring Parent Volunteer hours can participate.  Call the Magnet office for details. ​​

  • All Other Activities & Events 

    • Contact the Magnet Office


Mulholland Middle School: 

 from 8:00 am - noon

  • Decorate bulletin boards

  • Clean glass cases outside main office around the school.

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