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Ms. Castle, Teacher Librarian:


Whether you're interested in graphic novels, sports, animals, romance, biographies, WHATEVER, we have received 6 pallets full of brand new books. Go to Destiny Library in Schoology and search for whatever interests you. You will find it here!

Please join the Library Schoology Group
  Access code: P4QV-7FF3-H2843. As a group member, you will receive updates which include reading and writing opportunities and resources. 


class t-shirts

Class t-shirts are available for purchase here. Buy a t-shirt to REPRESENT your culmination year--24, 25, or 26!

T-shirts are $15 each and may be worn every Friday.

Contact Ms. Castle: (818) 609-2536 or


8th grade


7th grade


6th grade



The Mulholland Middle School Library Program will ensure that the unique gifts of all students and staff are honored in a safe and nurturing environment as they discover how to be intelligent and discerning information seekers. Inquiry, technology, and collaboration will be the foundation on which they build positive and rewarding experiences on their journey of lifelong learning. Their engagement will cultivate higher order thinking skills, instill a love of reading, and take them, open-mindedly, to a promising future where infinite opportunities await.

MMS has a fully-functional library

The library is a great place to read, study, do homework, research, type, print, and meet quietly. The atmosphere is low-key, quiet, and relaxing. Students looking for a place to escape the typical hustle and bustle of school life during unscheduled time throughout the day are welcome.

Library Hours:

Daily from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. Tuesday is an exception--the library is closed after school.

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There are also 10 desktop computers which are connected to both color and black and white printers. These computers are reserved strictly for schoolwork. 


Students need permission from Ms. Castle to print. Black and white pages are 10 cents per page; color is 25 cents. There is no charge for school assignments.

Book check-outs:

Students may check out up to 3 books at a time for 2 weeks. Books can be renewed if no-one is waiting to read them. When books are returned late, there is a 10 cents per day fine.

To access LAUSD's wonderful digital website, click here:

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