MJPA Uniforms

MJPA Uniform Code

Non-inspection days (M, W, Th, F):

Dark Blue polo with PA logo or Dark Blue polo

Inspection days (Tuesdays):

6th grade is Royal Blue with PA logo
7th grade is light grey with PA logo
8th grade is light blue with PA logo


MJPA Uniform Bundle

Get your MJPA Uniform Bundle for only $150. Be prepared for the entire school year, including Roll Call every Tuesday.

This bundle includes:

2 pairs of navy Pants

3 navy Polo Shirts

1 Roll-Call Sweat Shirt

1 Bac Sac

1 Belt

Next semester, we will be doing away with the bundle and just supplying the Uniform shirts and belts.

MJPA Lined Zipper Jacket

Get this lined zipper jacket with embroidered MJPA patch today for only $40. This offer won't last long and there is a limited supply and will not be replaced once we run out. Get your jacket TODAY.