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CARMEN B. FELDMAN | College and Career Coach |


Mulholland Middle School College and Career Center is a resource dedicated to creating greater access to college and informed decisions regarding career choices by providing a variety of activities, information, resources, and personal assistance to help students achieve their college goals and career dreams. 


We are committed to empowering all students with the adequate skills, knowledge and information to make well-founded decisions about their life choices and their post-high school options. 


Our goal is for every student to develop a broader awareness of self and the breadth of opportunities available to them after high school.
In order to achieve this goal, MMS College and Career Center schedules activities for students conducted throughout the academic school year that help them EXPLORE their identity and their college and career dreams, PLAN for the future and TRANSITION to high school.
      1.    EXPLORING activities will develop students’ ability to identify their learning style, personality traits,                     career interests, skills and work values.
      2.    PLANNING activities will develop students’ ability to: 
                    - connect their interests, skills and values to a range of career and college options
                    - identify school courses and employability skills needed
                    - identify corresponding post-secondary pathways
      3. TRANSITIONING activities will develop students’ career and high school readiness skills, plus the traits,            work habits and behaviors needed to navigate career and academic transitions and pursue growth                    opportunities throughout life.


Individualized Career and Academic Plan

MMS students have an Individualized Career and Academic Plan. This plan is stored, accessed and viewed in the online planning tool Naviance Student and can easily be accessed by the students and their parents. For questions or assistance, contact Mrs. C. Feldman / College and Career Counselor or the school counseling office.


Student Individualized Career and Academic Plan includes the following:

  •   a three-year course-plan

  •   long-term and short- term academic and social-emotional goals

  •   career scavenger hunt

  •   results from career and interest inventory

  •   a schedule of assigned, upcoming and completed tasks

  •   career and college plans

  •   standardized test scores

  •   reflective writing

Students who engage in an Individualized Career and Academic Plan activities often report stronger goal-setting skills, increased motivation to attend school and increased academic confidence, better academic achievement, stress and health management, and readiness to engage in career decision-making.




MMS College and Career Center provides the following services to our students and their families:

  •   Assisting students with career exploration and high school and college options

  •   Developing an Individualized Career and Academic Plan

  •   Hosting college and career planning programs, Career Fairs, College Month and guest speakers

  •   Coordinating college visits to various colleges in California such as UCLA, Northridge, Pierce College,        Mission Valley as well as virtual college tours to colleges and universities across U.S. and Europe

  •   Connecting students to summer program opportunities

  •   Assisting with the right reference materials and online resources



Planning for your future should never stop. MMS College and Career Center had compiled the following resources for you to access while at home and learning remotely.



Career Planning Resources



CA Career Zone is a website for student career

exploration with online personality, values and

interest assessments, descriptions and videos

of many occupations, and California specific

information regarding job outlook, salary,

and education.

Road Trip Nation is a TV show and website

produced by PBS, designed to help students

explore careers through video-based

information interviews across the world.

O*NET is the official US Department of Labor

website that offers information on career

choices and detailed descriptions of over

800 occupations.

This website offers career exploration tools.

Who Do U Want 2B? offers career exploration,

games and an interest inventory for middle

school students.


College Planning and Financial Aid Questions

Please e-mail me if you would like to request a phone call with a college planning expert.


College Information

While colleges are closed to onsite visitors, you can tour virtually at

fun Works is a career development website for students that offers an interest quiz, games, and information on a variety of STEM careers.

This website is designed to encourage girls’ interest in STEM careers via student produced videos.

Explore Health Careers is a website for students, parents and educators designed to provide information and news on a variety of health careers.

Ag Classroom Teen Scene allows students to explore careers in agriculture and learn about agriculture.

Construct My Future, a website with information on construction careers, including a newsletter, bulletin board, video library, and school and scholarship search.

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The College & Career Center

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