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Attendance Office


  • Enrollment (Check in and check out)

  • Absences (Absent notes)


  • Emergency Cards

  • Agenda books

Early Pickups 

Parent/Guardian(s) who would like to pick up their child early:

   1) must have their name on file on the emergency card

   2) must bring a valid picture ID card

   If any of the two above requirements are not met, the school cannot release the child.

* Also note, if the child requested for pickup is in PE class, it may take longer because the child may need to dress back into their regular clothes. 

Emergency Cards 

It is very important that the school has the most up-to-date phone numbers, addresses and contacts for your child in case of emergency.  All authorized adult's names should be on the emergency card, otherwise they are not authorized to pick up the child.  Please call (818) 609-2500 to let the school know of any changes.  The safety of our students is a top priority at Mulholland Middle School!

Dropping Off Items

Please try not to drop off items to students at school during the school day unless it is an emergency, as it can disrupt the instructional flow of your child's classroom.

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