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Welcome to Mulholland's

Police Academy Magnet

Police Academy magnets create a bridge between the LAPD and Cadets. Our cadets usually aspire for careers in law enforcement and government agencies. Mulholland Middle School is one of two LAUSD schools that provide the Police Academy at the Junior High level. Our purpose is to prepare our cadets for the High School Police Academy program's standards and expectations. Like the traditional LAPD Cadet Academy, we emphasize police-related activities like CSI simulations sponsored annually by our neighboring Police Academy at Reseda High School. In house, we have CSI training through Forensic related electives along with an American Law and Government elective. Our focus is to provide students with structured learning environments. Upon transitioning to the High School Police Academies we went to ensure our students understand the importance of empowerment, integrity, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of purpose.

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