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Enrolling New Cadets

Applying to the MJPA Magnet

2021-2022 School Year Applications:

On-Line Applications will begin Monday October 1, 2021 - Friday November 12, 2021by going to  You will need to have an e-mail address [gmail is available for free]. Also, if you need to use a computer, we have one set up for sign-ups in the Magnet Office. 

To get more information, call the Mulholland Middle School Magnet Office at 818-609-2587.

New Cadets

Students, who applied to Mulholland’s Police Academy will be receiving a notification letter and/or e-mail by mid-March, if they have a space reserved in the magnet for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Acceptance must be done by the student’s parent or guardian, through the Magnet Portal at or by calling the Police Academy Magnet Office, at 818-609-2587.   Please include:

  • Student name

  • If you are accepting or declining & to which magnet, Police Academy or Robotics

  • Name of parent/guardian and relationship (mother/father/guardian) to student

  • Active phone number where Magnet Office can reach parent/guardian.

For all ACCEPTING families:

Mandatory Enrollment Orientation for Mulholland Middle School Police Academy Magnet will be on a date to be determined.  Please have copies of all forms on the link below completed and ready to be turned in:

  • MJPA Enrollment Package (print applicable .pdf file below)

    • English     

    • Spanish    

  • Copy of most recent IEP (if applicable)


CAMP MJPA, an intensive orientation for Parent & Cadet will take place on a date/time to be determined.


Cadets will be working with L.A.P.D. Officers.  Cadets need to come dressed in P.E. gear (t-shirt, shorts, & athletic shoes) on both days.  Parents need to be prepared to go back to school for the day.

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