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Students and staff will be COVID tested at school every Monday.

Parent/guardian consent is required for students to be tested at school.

(If you choose not to consent, you will need to take your child to get tested offsite every week.)

There are 2 ways for parent to give consent:

1. Using the Daily Pass:

Go to

Log in as a parent.

Open the MENU and click on CONSENT. 

Click on your child's name and then edit the different permissions as needed. Periodic Consent is the one needed for school.

(On your cell phone the menu is the 3 lines on the top left of the screen. On a computer, the menu appears across the top of the screen)

2. Paper Consent Form:

Please only use this option if you unable to give consent on the Daily Pass.

Print consent form (link below) and turn it into the Main Office at school.

(Forms are also available in the office)
 Paper Consent Form

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